Weekend in Pennsylvania at Parker Dam

Went to Parker Dam with the Akron Sport Touring Club August 14 - 16, 2015. What a great time had by all. The roads were fantastic

Bohn Adventure Pants

I bought a set of Bohn Adventure Pants last week and tried them out today. They are an armor system that fits under your normal clothes. They have different materials that hold the armor depending if it is hot or cold out.  I have to say that they were comfortable under my jeans. I will be buying a pair of Kevlar jeans soon for abrasion protection.. I will be wearing them when I am doing errands or riding with a group that stops often. It is a pain to take my overpants gear off each time we stop.



Fifteen Years Ago....

Fifteen years ago this evening, September 17th 1997, I hopped on my motorcycle to go get some gas. I went 2 blocks from our apartmanent and a truck pulled out in front of me. Here is my Vulcan 750 when it was new.


Here are a picture of it after the accident


I ended up with a broken arm and a broken leg. I had to have surgery on both for pins and plates to be added. I really believe that the helmet saved my life because my helmet had scrapes on it from dragging across the ground.