Ohio Basic Rider Course-2 PASSED

Even though I have my motorcycle license I wanted to take the Ohio basic Rider course - 2. This is similar to the class that you take to get your endorsement except you are using your own motorcycle. It has been 21 years since I have taken the test. It stared out with a few hiccups this morning. One person had a front tire that was dry rotted and another could not find their insurance card so they were unable to take the class. So it started out with 7 of us. On the off set cone weave skills (about 45 minutes into the class)  a guy on his BMW fell. He had crash bars but they did not hold up and fractured his ankle. He was taken away by ambulance. His motorcycle was leaking oil and the fairing was busted. I am so glad that I put the canyon cages on Stormbringer it put me at ease when doing the course. Things that I was not doing correctly when we practiced in the spring I was able to do today.. Off set cone weave.. DONE.. Left and right hand u-turns in the box. DONE.. I am happy to say that I passed the course. I was told several times about my toes being too low and almost scraping the ground.. I need to make sure I pull my feet back more.

Range Exercises:

  • Control at Low Speed
  • Stopping Quickly
  • Cornering Judgment
  • Stopping Quickly in a Curve
  • Multiple Curves
  • Cornering Finesse 
  • Limited-Space Maneuvers
  • Control-Skills Practice
  • Hazard Avoidance: Swerving and Stopping Quickly
  • End of Course On-the-Bike Exam