10 Years..

Ten years ago this evening, I hopped on my motorcycle to go get some gas. I went 2 blocks from our apartmanent and a truck pulled out in front of me. Here is my Vulcan 750 when it was new.


Here are pictures of it after the accident.


I ended up with a broken arm and a broken leg. I had to have surgery on both for pins and plates to be added. I weighted 305 pounds at the time..Here is a pic of me a few days after getting home in our spare bedroom.

I went down in 2004 to 190 pounds and I am now at 215. I was up to 226 during this past summer. So ten years and 90 pounds lighter.. This will be a battle for the rest of my life.. But I am willing to do it.. So far this year I have worked out 207 times.


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