Corbin Seat upgrade

I can’t wait to go riding this spring. I upgraded my stock seat to a Corbin modular seat. It has two pieces for the seat and a bar that the back of the front seat attaches to the Concours. If you buy the seat used make sure they include the bar. Corbin sells the bar for $$.   I will still use the airhawk for longer rides.

Seat installed with out bar. Rear seat is actually just sitting there. 

Seat installed with out bar. Rear seat is actually just sitting there. 

This is the bar that was missing when I bought the seat.  

This is the bar that was missing when I bought the seat.  

Ride with the Concours Owner Group (COG)

I was really excited to be riding with the Concours Owners Group today.. We were to meet at the Der Dutchman at 9 am.. I was there at 8:45 and no other motorcycles in the parking lot.. At 9:00 I was wondering where they could be.. The answer is at a different Der Dutchman, I had an hour and twenty minute ride to get to the other restaurant. I got there just as they were pulling out of there side street.. They let me in the group when they passed me. I had a great time. I did 320 miles and my fitbit gave me 10,000 steps.




Concours Screaming Banshee 2nd Installation

We installed the Screaming Banshee in 2015 and I was super excited with the sound. After posting it other Concours riders told me that it would hit my front fender and that would not be good. They were correct that I would not have enough clearance with it installed in the same spot with the normal horns. I took it off and after a year I finally installed it where it would not get damaged.  It is installed under the top right faring attached to round tube where the faring attaches.



Ohio Basic Rider Course-2 PASSED

Even though I have my motorcycle license I wanted to take the Ohio basic Rider course - 2. This is similar to the class that you take to get your endorsement except you are using your own motorcycle. It has been 21 years since I have taken the test. It stared out with a few hiccups this morning. One person had a front tire that was dry rotted and another could not find their insurance card so they were unable to take the class. So it started out with 7 of us. On the off set cone weave skills (about 45 minutes into the class)  a guy on his BMW fell. He had crash bars but they did not hold up and fractured his ankle. He was taken away by ambulance. His motorcycle was leaking oil and the fairing was busted. I am so glad that I put the canyon cages on Stormbringer it put me at ease when doing the course. Things that I was not doing correctly when we practiced in the spring I was able to do today.. Off set cone weave.. DONE.. Left and right hand u-turns in the box. DONE.. I am happy to say that I passed the course. I was told several times about my toes being too low and almost scraping the ground.. I need to make sure I pull my feet back more.

Range Exercises:

  • Control at Low Speed
  • Stopping Quickly
  • Cornering Judgment
  • Stopping Quickly in a Curve
  • Multiple Curves
  • Cornering Finesse 
  • Limited-Space Maneuvers
  • Control-Skills Practice
  • Hazard Avoidance: Swerving and Stopping Quickly
  • End of Course On-the-Bike Exam

Canyon Cages Installed

Sunday, I went over a fellow Concours owner's to help me install the canyon cages and saddle bag bars.  It took about 4 hours with no real problems other than being over 90 degrees.  I really appreciate the help John making sure I didn't do anything stupid.  I am sure I would still be working on it if it were not for his lift, tools and knowledge.   


Day Two Deals Gap

I can now cross off riding "The Tail of the Dragon" off my bucket list. It was so nice riding in great weather, with a bunch of friends and wonderful roads.  Thanks to the Akron Cleveland Sport Touring Club for making this possible for me.

Day One Road Trip to Deals Gap

Since last October I have been looking forward to this day. We are heading to North Carolina to do the Tail of the Dragon. Left the house at 6:00 and headed out to meet the Akron Sport Touring Club at Route 18. I got there at 6:40 after filling up at the last minute. 630 miles later we arrived at The IronHorse Motorcycle lodge and Resort. Someone from the club cancelled and I was able to get into a room with a King size bed instead of sleeping in my tent.  I am very tired and a little sore.  I have not been on a motorcycle for that distance before.  


Blessing of the Bikes 2016

Went to a blessing of the bikes at Mantua Corners Bar & Grille. It was a little cold so only a few of us went. Ted Riser and his band was playing. They were really good but we were too close to the speakers. We got back after it was dark and I realize that I need to lower my headlights some to light up the road closer to me.

GoPro Mount for long rides

I get tired of having to keep switching out the batteries on longer trips. I added a mount on the right side of the top faring. Right now I have it plugged in to the accessory plug but I am going to hard wire it when I get a chance.  I have it attached to an Aluminum Flat Bar underneath to support the faring. I will still use my mount on my helmet for shorter rides or more interesting rides. On my trip to Grove City, PA on Saturday I ran into some fog it is at the towards the end of the video below.


New Ram X-Grip

Just bought a new Ram X-Grip to hold my iPhone on my motorcycle. There are a couple upgrades from the previous version. First the black rubber grippers are glued so they will not slide off. Second they added a rubber elastic gripper that holds the phone down on the mount. I didn't have any problems with the previous version but I know people that have lost their phones on them.