Time Travel

I was listening to a podcast today and they were talking about time travel. They asked people from 11 years old to senior citizens. It was pretty interesting what people would answer to the questions would you want to time travel and where would you want to go.. So here are my five on Friday. 

1. I would love to go back in time to when my parents were young to get to know them at that time.

2. I would go back in time and tell myself at age eleven that I should stay active and not get out of shape. 

3. I would go back to myself at age twenty and tell myself that I should put money away each pay for the future. 

4. I would go to the future to see the next three Star Wars Movies. 

5. I would not go back and really try to change history. Read the book 11-22-63 and you will understand.  

Time Management

1. Do you wear a watch?

I have 2 watches. One was my dad's and I wear that several times a month.. I wear my watch more then that. It is more something to wear then as a way to tell time. 

2. How often do you look at the time, either on a watch or some other timepiece? 

Not a lot. My computer or iPhone tells me when I have meetings so I really do not watch the clock. 

3. Would you say you have a good sense of time? In other words, how good are you at estimating how much time has passed? 

I have a good sense of time except when I am so engrossed with what I am doing that time flies. 

4. Are you early, punctual, or perpetually late? 

I am early/punctual especially for meetings. I hate to be late. If I am going to someone's house and they give a time I usually have to stop somewhere so I don't get there too early. 

5. Do you ever wish your time management skills were different? How? 

I am very good at time management. I listen to David Allen's getting things done audio books several times a year to keep me on track. 

Five on Friday - Miscelaneous

  1. What's your favorite sandwich? With out a doubt it is Jif Peanut butter and Smuckers Strawberry Perserves.

  2. If you made a movie, what would it be about and who would be in it? It would be a Zombie movie and I would just have people that I knew it it. I would like to pick who would be a Zombie and who would be lunch..

  3. If you were to start a charity, what would it be for? They already exists American Diabetes Association and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

  4. What's your favorite music video? It would have to be Thriller.. (see number 2 above). I remember going to a friends house to see it.. Thanks Mike.

  5. You have unlimited funds and unlimited space to make your dream abode. What and where is it, and what does it look like? The pictures below say it all.

This is my dream house

This is my dream house

This is Kim's Dream House

This is Kim's Dream House