Workflow IOS App

An app that I use multiple times a day is an app called Workflow. It is an app that allows you to grab different workflow items and chain them together. To get you started they have some prebuilt workflows to show you the possibilities. The Gallery has Sharing, Great Action Extensions, Clipboard, and Today Widgets workflows.  It just makes doing something on your iPhone easier. There are over 200 actions to help you get things done. Lets say you want to take a web page and save it as a pdf and then save to Evernote. That would be very difficult to do without this app, now I just go to safari and use the extension to run my workflow. I have a workflow that will list our all the Beachbody DVD's I have. It will then get the minutes for that workout and add it to the IOS health app. Then it will get the number of weeks since the start and the day of the week. It will take all that information and either tweet it out or post it to my site. This is the best $4.99 you can spend.