Out with 2013 and in with 2014

2013  was a tough year with the passing away of an Aunt and Uncle, my Father-in-law and my mother. I have gained 20 pounds since August because I stopped working out. Things that were good in 2013 was that I lost 45 pounds because of just a simple phone call. A friend called me asking me to get into shape. So I did Beachbody's P90, P90X and Focus T25. I started to eat healthy buy embracing a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. I very rarely miss meat, cheese on the other hand is a lot harder. So now for 2014.. I am still eating Whole Foods Plant based but it is not easy.. It is easy when I am at home or work but other than that it is not easy. Now that my parents house is sold it is going to be so strange not going to the house that I grew up in on Saturdays.  Starting Monday January 6th I am starting a new Beachbody workout called P90X3. It is 30 minutes a day.  Starting January 27th I will no longer be with the Cleveland Clinic and working at a new job. I learned a lot at Cleveland Clinic and would not be getting a new job without the experience that I had there. I will be joining a cycling club this year to get my butt back on my bicycles.  My goals for 2014 is to lose the weight that I gained plus another 15 pounds. That means that I will be at 190 at the end of the year. I will get in 1000 miles on my bicycles. I will ride a century ride that is a bicycle ride of 100 miles.