Backup, Backup, Backup

I posted last week about backing up and not a single person responded. Was it because you don't back up and your head is in the sand? I was listening to The Tech guy on Saturday and on episode 993 starting at 2:09:55 is the reason you backup your files.. What do you have that you have digitally that you don't want to lose. The pictures of your child, a video of your parents, an audio recording of a love song written for you, the novel you have been working on for the last ten years. What about the pictures on your phone? What would happen if you lost your phone today? You want to have your stuff backed up and another backup copy off site.  So here is the question when did you last backup your smart phone? When did you last back up your computer(s)? What is your plan to backup off site? Please don't let this happen to you.. Please respond with your last date of the backup. If you have not backed up do it tonight. You want to make this automatic process.