Jailbreak for IOS 6.1 evasi0n

I am so excited together the jailbreak for iOS 6.1. I updated to IOS 6.X when my iPhone kept rebooting. I am only going to install the few apps that I really miss. Here is my list.

  • iProtect to lock certain applications
  • iBlacklist to automatically block people from messaging\calling me.
  • IntelliscreenX to put more notifications on the lock-screen
  • BiteSMS is a better messaging application
  • Firewall ip to stop applications from automatically calling home.
  • Navigate from Maps is useful to send a location to the Tom-Tom application
  • SBSettings to get to settings without having to hit 15 menus
  • iCaughtU Pro will take a picture os someone trying to get into your iPhone. It will email the picture and location.

Go to evasi0n.com to download the file to  jailbreak your device, it is out now.