Time Management

1. Do you wear a watch?

I have 2 watches. One was my dad's and I wear that several times a month.. I wear my watch more then that. It is more something to wear then as a way to tell time. 

2. How often do you look at the time, either on a watch or some other timepiece? 

Not a lot. My computer or iPhone tells me when I have meetings so I really do not watch the clock. 

3. Would you say you have a good sense of time? In other words, how good are you at estimating how much time has passed? 

I have a good sense of time except when I am so engrossed with what I am doing that time flies. 

4. Are you early, punctual, or perpetually late? 

I am early/punctual especially for meetings. I hate to be late. If I am going to someone's house and they give a time I usually have to stop somewhere so I don't get there too early. 

5. Do you ever wish your time management skills were different? How? 

I am very good at time management. I listen to David Allen's getting things done audio books several times a year to keep me on track.