Great Customer Service - Fitbit and Jabra

What does The Fitbit and the Jabra Sports Bluetooth headset have in common. The answer is that I had great customer service on both of them. I take care of my items but had a problem with both of them.

First let's start with the Fitbit. The Fitbit accurately tracks your activity all day long, counting every step you take. The Fitbit Tracker is light and small enough to wear all day without anyone knowing. I bought it in July of 2010, it was working fine tracking my step but I noticed how dim it was when I compared it to a newer Fitbit. I could hardly read the display. I contacted Fitbit and after a couple of emails and sending them a couple pictures they sent me an invoice for $0.00 and a new one was on it's way. Not only replaced my Fitbit that was 18 months old but I was upgraded to the newer model. I love my Fitbit. Buy a Fitbit and start to track your steps to health.

Now to the Jabra Sports Bluetooth. I bought my set almost 3 months ago. This is from their website. "The Jabra SPORT is ultra-light and easy to wear. It’s also tough. With Military Grade Rain, Dust and Shock Protection it is fit for any challenge, indoors or outdoors." So I thought it would be great to use while working out. I really liked them to listen to my iPhone and I was suprised after I bought them that they also receive FM radio.. Then a couple weeks ago they stop charging. I contacted Jabra and again after a couple emails and providing a receipt they sent me a new pair.

With so many companies out there that have bad cusotmer service it was great to deal with these tow companies.