Don't put it on Top..

Are you like me and carry your bikes & luggage on top of your car. Well the Ohio Turnpike Commission is charging you more. If your vehicle or gear on top of your car measures 7 feet 6 inches or taller you are now in a heavier two-axle commercial truck category. This is used instead of weight to determine this category.. This went into effect October 1, 2009. Even if you use EZ-Pass a laser scanner will determine the height of your vehicle and gear. If you cross the state using the Turnpike it will cost you $25.00 now compared to the $15.00 before the change..
Ohio has the only toll road in the country where motorists pay more if something is attached to the top of their vehicle instead of secured on the back.
I suggest not using the Ohio Turnpike.. I know I will not use it anymore, My GPS will now state avoid Toll Roads!!!!