Rent the Musical

Wow.. What can I say.. I just got back from seeing Rent. I messed up when I looking at the tickets.. I thought they were all the way in the mezzanine towards the end.. Boy was I wrong. They were 22 rows back from the stage, right smack in the middle. I would not wanted to be any closer because then I would have been looking up towards the stage.

This was the first stop of this tour of rent. Yes Cleveland Ohio.. First stop. I know that was hard to believe. It had both Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp from the original cast. This is the second time I have seen rent.. I was blown away again, but it was better being that close.. Here is was Anthony said about the performance on Thursday.
Last night was our first performance, and I honestly was curious to see what the response would be like compared to the response Adam and I got when we returned to the Broadway show in 2007. Would people clap as loudly? Would they cheer? Would they moo? Would they stand at the end?

Well, the answer to all those questions was a resounding yes. The theatre here -- the beautifully restored Palace -- is more than twice the size of the Nederlander, and the sound and feeling of 2700 people cheering when we walked onstage was more than a little overwhelming. They mooed with the best of them, and leapt to their feet at the end of the show. It was an amazing way to begin our eight month odyssey across the country (not to mention Tokyo).

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