2008 Adventure Princess Boat Race

We got our boat kit about 2.5 months ago. It consisted of a main base, 2 out riggers, 6 Popsicle sticks, a sail and a mast. The final piece of the boat was a special piece that shows that you bought the boat this year, and that was a purple star. So Morgan and I waited to the last minute to put it together. I asked her how she wanted to decorate her boat. She stated a Christmas tree (Christmas in July). So she drew on the sail a Christmas tree, holly and presents. We went to a local craft store and found items to put on there. We found a small plate of cookies with a note to Santa. We also found small ornaments and presents to put on the sail. So Morgan won 3rd place in best decorating of our territory.

They have a Trail boss race at the end and the boats can be powered. Here is the picture of the winning race. Notice the boat on fire.