Thankful Thursday - iPhone

I know this is wrong.. So wrong to be thankful for a phone but it is SOOOO much more. I have had it only a day and I could write volumes about it. It doesn't matter how much music you can put on it (8GB) because there is an app called Pandora, and it will allow you to access different "stations" based on your selections. This means FREE non-interupted "radio", so I picked Garth Brooks and and then I had all these country songsĀ  to listen to over the 3G network. It states it will work over edge but I have not tried it. So lets say I am in the mood for some ACDC but I forgot to put any on my iPhone.. Boom, I go to Pandora and listen for free.It has an option to tag it so the next time you are in iTunes it will ask you if you want to by it. Shall I go on?? GPS, internet, Mail, a twitter application,