Hand over the keys.

Today is officially when Plastech Engineering Products no longer is in control of what was known as Plastech. JCIM takes over the interior and under the hood plastic parts and the other companies take over the Exterior and Stamping business. It is very sad that a company that employed people for 20 years is gone. I am not going to really go into the reasons that this happened or problems with management and choices that were made. We all can second guess things forever. I want to think about some of the positive things. We all worked at Plastech and what did we get? I know with the help of my wife working that we were able to buy new cars, a home and raise a child. How many families were supported by Plastech? How many children when through their entire life that one of their parents always worked at Plastech? How many marriages were there? How may children born? How many employees were able to pay for their child's college? I was able to meet a lot of great people in the 13.5 years (part of it was with United Screw & Bolt). People who really cared about the product that they were shipping out. People who lent a helping hand in my career. People who were there to talk to when having a bad day. People to share my happiness with and the last day of work my tears. These people are not just people they are my friends. I know that some of my friends will be losing their jobs and many more people that I didn't even know will also. I wish all my friends and anyone else that worked for Plastech luck in the future with what ever adventures lay before them.