Rock 'n Ride Tour De Cure Newsletter.

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Team Wipeout

Working to Wipeout Diabetes

Randy Zabarsky has been participating in Tour de Cure since 2004. His dedication to the ride and to the cause of diabetes have resulted in his fund-raising of over $3,000 through the years, the creation of Team Wipeout in 2007 and his work on the Tour de Cure Volunteer Committee.

Randy started with Tour de Cure after seeing a display at a Century Cycles store. His love for cycling and family members with diabetes got him to do the ride in 2004. He comes back year after year because "It is a great cause and I love seeing the passion that people have for raising money to find a cure for diabetes."

Randy's most important advice about fund-raising for Tour is to ask everyone you know. "People at work, family members, people from organizations you belong to. Send an email and follow-up with a phone call. It is easy to ignore an email, it is a lot harder to say no on the phone or in person." He also suggests you put in the miles to make sure your ride is enjoyable. Training for the 100k is very important!

Randy's first year as a team captain was in 2007 and with 6 team members was our 8th highest fund-raising team, raising $2,255. His advice for team captains is, "Keep in touch with your team, send out emails and call them to keep them focused on raising funds and getting the miles in to be prepared for the ride."

Childhood obesity and the increase of Type 2 diabetes in our youth and major reasons Tour is so important to Randy. "I see the children at my daughter's school and so many of them are increasing their risk for diabetes by being overweight. Not only do we need to find a cure but until then we need to get awareness of the dangers of being a overweight and not being active. The problem is that people don't know they are a diabetic unless they get checked."

Finally, Randy's parting words about Tour de Cure are, "The Rock n' Ride Tour De Cure is a great event. It would not be possible with out the help of all the volunteers. People volunteer their time for everything from designing the route, putting up the route markers, marketing, registration to working the rest stops just to name a few. These volunteers give up their time and do their best to make this event enjoyable to the cyclists. If someone in your family does not ride see if they can volunteer. If someone says they don't have money to support your ride see if they will support you by volunteering their time on the day of event."

Randy will be at the helm of Team Wipeout once again in 2008 and is gearing up for a great Tour and cycling season! Randy is also on the Recruitment Committee. Many of you may have received a phone call or an email from him.