Adventure Princess Weekend at Camp Fitch (Part 1)

Wow..What a weekend. I was asked on Friday to by the legend maker (Adventure Princess Photographer) if I could take the pictures this weekend.. No problem, I told him.. What a nice camera, it is a DCS H9. I almost didn't want to give it back. I took almost a 1 GB of pictures and videos. I will have to wait to get the pictures from the legend maker.

Morgan and I shot a .22 rifle. That was a first for both for both of us. We had a total of 10 bullets. Morgan shot the first 7 and I shot the last 3. Here is the problem, there are 3 bullet holes on the target. I say I hit all 3 and Morgan states that she hit at least 1. So that is where it stands we each have our side of the story.. I actually like it that way.

I have a lot more to post but that will have to wait a little.