Date Night

Kim and I actually went out on a date. We went to Crocker Park. They were having an art fair. Kim really enjoyed walking around and looking at everything. We at a Mexican restaurant, the food was ok. It was not very spicy. The waiter was very nice and quick. The thing that we really didn't like was sen we got there we wanted to sit outside. We were told there was a waiting list. Right after we were seated a table cleared and was vaccant for almost 20 minutes when a couple walked in and was seated outside.. Long waiting list, I don't think so. After dinner we walked around and ended up in Dick's sporting goods. I bought an Aerobie Skylighter flying disk (Frisbee). Kim and I went to the park and through the frisbee around after dark. It was really cool. It was a great night.

[youtube: 300 400]