Tour De Cure 2008 Rock n' Ride - Team Wipeout

I decided last week that I would have been nuts to try and do the 100k ride. I have not been out on my road bike this year so my next option was doing the 50K moderate ride. .Let me tell you that was a great decision. It still was a challenging ride but I had a smile on my face the whole time. It was avery hot day temps in the low 90's with a strong wind that slowed us down. I rode with one of my niece's. She had Kim's road bike. She said it was very light and she was glad she was not doing on her mountain bike. She was also glad that I didn't have my road bike either..  It was a great day two of my sisters volunteered, the other one rode, my 2 neices rode, my wife and daughter rode. I am not exactly sure how much we raised this year but it should be over $1300.00 dollars from Team Wipeout.

I want to thank the rest of Team Wipeout for volunteering/riding with me.