Just happy to be alive (Helmet Required)

On the TDC on Sunday a fellow rider was in a bicycle accident. The ADA requires us to wear helmets on the ride. Some people don't like that (Mark is not one of them). I don't understand why people don't wear one when riding their bicycle let alone their motorcycle. I was in a motorcycle accident in 1997 and I am sure that I would have been hurt a lot worse if not for my helmet. There were scrapes on from the ground, what would my head have looked like?

I am glad that Mark is doing better. So the next time you hop on a bicycle or motorcycle think about this letter from him.

Friends and family,

Some of you know what happened yesterday. A miracle. The details are fuzzy, but let's just say I'm thankful for still being alive and eventually well.

During my bike event for diabetes, which I also helped plan, during a fast, winding descent I ended up in the guard rail. Thankfully my friend Dave was behind me and realized I needed help.

From talking with him, the scene was ugly. I was knocked out, bleeding, helmet cracked in half, and lucky! Somebody is giving me another chance. The fact that I'm home healing and able to write (albeit slowly as my fingers on my writing hand are swollen and the other arm in a sling from the broken collar bone) merely 30-some hours later tells me not to complain much.

I get another chance. Many others don't. I thank you for the kind words of support and look forward to seeing you again sometime.

Oh, and please always wear a helmet when biking. It really works.