Workout #86-08 Day 126

Oh the fun I had this morning doing my P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Workout. My arms are killing me. I am a pissed that I have not lost any real weight.. I don’t want to hear that muscle weighs more than fat. I know that I am building muscles. I can do more pushups then I ever have been able to do.. But $&** I want to weigh less.. It has been a month with out peanut butter in the house.. We bought some over the weekend.. Day 1 with it in the house and I have not attacked it..

P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Workout
Slow motion 3-in-1 Push-ups, In & Out Shoulder Flys, Chair Dips, Plange Push-ups, Pike Presses, Side Tri-rises, Floor Flys, Scarecrows, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Two-twitch Speed Push-ups, Y-Presses, Lying Tricep Extensions, Side-to-side Push-ups, Pour Flys, Side-leaning Tricep Extensions, One-arm Push-ups, Weighted Circles, Throw the Bomb, Clap or Plyo Push-ups, Slo-mo Throws, Front-to-back Tricep Extensions, One-arm Balance Push-ups, Fly row Presses, Dumbell Cross-body Blows