Last Day at Plastech Engineered Products

That was a quick two weeks.. I cannot believe that come Monday (Ok, now I have that song in my head), I will not be driving to Plastech as I have for the last 13.5 years. It started with United Screw & Bolt then thru acquisition by Plastech. With Plastech, I have had many opportunities. I started as a Quality Technician at H&P Die Stamping and ended up working my way up through Quality Systems to being a part of IT with the Web-Team. I have been lucky to have some great Managers, Sorry Dan A. I still don't like it when you told me "Well, you have not been car-jacked yet" when you wanted me to come in late at night. I want to thank everyone who had faith in me and giving me challenges to rise above. I have been located at each of the 3 plants in the Cleveland area at one time or another. I also traveled a great of the time when I worked for our Quality Systems group. Plants that I went to during that time were Bryan, Caro, Elwood, Grandville, Kenton, Kentwood, Louisville 1, Newton Falls, Talon Court, Wauseon, Winnsboro plus traveling to corporate offices in Dearborn and Auburn Hills since then. I have met a lot of great people that worked for Plastech. I wish them and their families my best wishes.

Good bye Plastech.