Adventure Princess Car Race

Today we had the Adventure Princess Car Race and Family Fair. We are given a special piece that has to be on the car. This year we had the choice of 3 different pieces a basketball, baseball or a soccer ball.. We picked soccer because that is Morgan's sport. Here is the car.

We also had a game so we can earn money for out Outpost. We are going to the Planetarium with the money we have raised in the past. We did "The Wheel of Destiney". The girls get to put 2 quarters down on faces of AP Officers. She spins the wheel and if it stops on one of the people she picked she wins a big prize. If it did not the she was able to pick a ring, pen or a peice of candy.

Wheel of Destiney

I was asked to help out on the Water balloon toss.. I am the one behind the wire and Morgan is the one throwing the balloons at me.

WaterBallon Toss

Our Fire maker getting it at the water ballon toss.

[Youtube: 400 300]

Thanks to Mike M. for making our outpost car. It came in 2nd place out of the outpost cars.