Workout #75-08 Day 110

I started “Phase II” with the P90X program (Chest, Shoulders & Triceps). It is nuts. My arms are killing me. What a great workout. It was a lot of pushups. What blew my mind was we wee supposed to be doing a pushup with a clap in between. OK, I admit I was on my knees at this time but my was working hard. I look at the TV and Tony Horton was actually getting not only his hands off the floor but his feet also. His hands and feet must have been a foot off the ground. Amazing. I did not do the AB Ripper...
Torture List
Slow motion 3-in-1 Push-ups
In & Out Shoulder Flys
Chair Dips
Plange Push-ups
Pike Presses
Side Tri-rises
Floor Flys
Overhead Tricep Extensions
Two-twitch Speed Push-ups
Lying Tricep Extensions
Side-to-side Push-ups
Pour Flys
Side-leaning Tricep Extensions
One-arm Push-ups
Weighted Circles
Throw the Bomb
Clap or Plyo Push-ups
Slo-mo Throws
Front-to-back Tricep Extensions
One-arm Balance Push-ups
Fly row Presses
Dumbell Cross-body Blows