Snow blower

A couple weeks ago we were looking in the Sunday paper and saw a snow blower on sale. Kim and one of my sisters went after work to buy one.

So we decided to go and pick them up, we would need to rent their pickup truck. So I called Kim to see if she would call and see if they had them assembled, and they were. I went to Home Depot to see if the truck was there, it was. So I went home picked up the receipt. Called my sister and we were to meet at the store. I get there and someone is renting the truck. I called my sister and she said they were almost there anyhow. I get a call after a couple minutes and she is telling me that the truck is not being rented sms where am I? I was right in the middle of the parking lot. She then asked at Lowes?? Shhh. No. I was at the wrong store. Everything turned out and the new snow blowers are at their new homes.