Yes You Can.. New Years Resolutions. 2008

Well in 2007 I didn't hit any of my goals.. Yes I was close on the number of work outs.. I missed it by only a few but who cares.. missing by one or missing by a hundred and one. Then the other day I was watching the biggest loser couples and they had this song called Proud and I posted lyrics to a song the other day. Here are a couple of lines from it
"Can't stop me now
And you can do the same
What have you done today to make you feel proud?
You could be so many people"

Then this morning I come across this. It is an amazing video. Grab the tissues, turn the music up.

I walked away thinking that I am scum.. Well, not scum but wow I should have hit all my goals for the year. I look at the effort that this Dad goes through for his son and I can't make it to the gym enough times. I can't loose the weight I gained.. I can't get my butt on the bike enough to get the miles that I wanted. Not scum but not proud either. Yes  I have done a lot of things this past year both in fitness and with my family. There was Great Ohio Bicycling adventure, all of the Adventure Princess stuff that we did ( 3 Camps, Car Race, Boat Race, Car Rally, Overnighter, Parades,Fluff Raids, Bowling and etc). I was (and still am) on the Tour De Cure Committee for the Rock N Ride and did the TDC myself. Walked approximately 150 times to and from Morgan's school .6 miles each way. But there is no reason that I did not reach my fitness goals..

So here we go again..
190 pounds by May 20th.
1000 miles for the year
300 workouts
I will start posting again to keep me honest..

Also watch this video that goes along with the video above of Dick & Rick Hoyt 

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