Happy Thursday's #5

My iPod.. I have a 3 Gen iPod.. It has a 20 GB hard drive. It does not have
video.. That is the only thing that I wish I had on it.. Not really to watch
but there are netcasts (podcasts) that are video only but I just want to
listen to them.. I listen to a lot of netcast and audio books.. Here are
some of my favorite netcast, pretty much all of the TWIT network. Daily Giz
Wiz, Jumping Monkeys, Macbreak Weekly, Windows Weekly,Leo Laporte The Tech
Guy, Security Now, net@night . They have another one
about junk food that I have not caught yet. Here are some of the other ones
Digg Nation, Weight Loss in the mind, Buzz Out Loud , Mr. Manners and DLTV.
The last audio book I listened to George Orwell's 1984..

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