Happy Thursday #4

I am a week behind on this.. I have been very busy lately. So here is my
Happy Thursday for last week.. My Mac-mini. I bought it this past June.. It
had been 5 years since the purchase of my previous computer. This was my
fist Mac.. I still have a lot to learn about anything more then the basics.
I run XP Pro in parallels when I need to run a windows application. It is a
lot quicker then my previous computer. The basic Mac software works really
well together. I love how easy they are to use iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iTunes.
I use iWeb because at home I want to put up a web site quickly and easily. I
want to make my own template. I will work on that over the winter. Here are
my sites.. Http://www.ZabarskyFamily.com ,
Http://www.RandyZabarsky.com which is the
place where I put my workout information. I run Open Office instead of
paying of Microsoft Office. I like my Mac-mini so much that I want to
switch all of the other computer out in the house.. I am definitely in the
Mac camp..

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