August 8th Workout # 173 Day #220

I really need to get back to entering my workouts & Food intake in FitDay..
It had fallen off my plate (pun intended) quite a while ago.. I could use
the excuse that it wont run on my Mac but I stopped using it before then. I
can run XP on my Mac so there is not an excuse.. So I am going to start
posting items from it to keep me motivated.. I walked at lunch for a 2.75
miles.. I decided that the extra .25 was not worth it because I have to go
under a creepy bridge and cross a interstate on ramp.. I planned on going to
the gym this evening but we went out for dinner at Famous Dave's. I did
pretty good. I only eat 1/2 of my chicken sandwich.. The first thing I do is
to split it to keep me from eating the whole thing. I should have done the
same with the fries.

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