Happy Thursdays

I was listening to the Jumping Monkeys podcast and they were talking about
"I Love Thursday's". This is that you should blog about something that you
love or reminds you of love. So I am going to change it to Happy Thursdays..
So each Thursday I will post a picture of something or someone that makes me
happy.. So here is my 1st.. Yes I do love her and she does make me very
happy... My daughter Morgan.. She will be 9 in November. She is getting
ready to enter 3rd grade. The picture below is from 2 years ago when we
went to Toronto with Kim and my in-laws. Morgan and I do a lot f things
together. We ride our tandem and do the Greater Ohio Bicycling Adventure. We
belong the the YMCA Adventure Princess program that includes events like
camping, fishing, bicycling, overnighters, putt-putt, Dad and Daughter
Dinner and Dancing, Fluff (feathers) raids, Pinewood Car race, pinewood boat
race and Car Rally ( Scavenger hunt).

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