August 15th Workout # 178 Day #227

I did 40 minutes on the tread mill this evening. I went to the Apple store
in Troy right after work this evening. It was at Somerset Mall.. The mall
was very cool. It had 2 halves split by a main road with a enclosed walkway
over the road. I held the iPhone.. So neat.. It is smaller then I thought
it would be.. It was nice and if someone wanted to give me one with the data
plan paid I would take it.. Other then that it is just a cool gadget in my
opinion.. I wanted to take a look at the new Apple keyboards. They were
really small. Well actually I only saw the wired one.. I didn't like it. The
keys didn't have enough of a tactile response for me.. I was trying it when
standing up.. It might be different if I was sitting in a chair..

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