August 11th Workout # 175 Day #223

We went to "Breakfast in the Park" today.. It was more then just Breakfast.
We had breakfast, went for a bike ride, did a scavenger hunt, swam for 3
hours and had lunch at around 3:00.. There was 2 other dads and daughters
from the "Mustang" outpost with us. We all had a great time. The event was
held a camp cheerful, this is the same place that our fall campout is at. I
know a lot of Dad's would not join something like the Adventure (previously
Indian) Princess program because they feel that either they don't have time
or they feel they already spend a lot of time with their daughter(s). That
is what I thought, but when was the last time that you spent the whole day
doing everything with your daughter? Not just for an hour or two. The
Guides (for sons) is very similar to the princess program. Morgan and I was
very tired when we left at almost 4:00.. I considered this a workout because
off all the activity..

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