July 22nd.. Omni Pancake bike ride and AP Boat race..

Morgan and I rode the tandem to the gym for the start of the pancake ride.A
lot of people was very impressed that Morgan was going to do the ride this
morning.. Morgan had a huge cinnamon bagel before the ride. We started off
and after a couple of minutes Morgan wanted to go faster.. I kept telling
her to calm down.. It is not a sprint but a long ride.. After a little while
I figured we could go faster..Morgan put on the power and so did I .. We
started blowing by people.. We were going 23 mph.. We did 32 miles between
the ride and to and from the gym..

In the afternoon we had the boat race for the Adventure Princesses. Morgan
placed 4th out of about 40 boats in the Sun territory. Last year she placed
3rd... We had a great time because this was a family event and Kim was able
to go.. We relaxed in the park while Morgan and her friends swam in the

Morgan is in the 400's on the new Harry Potter. I have started listening to
the audio book..

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