June 14th Workout at Omni & What happened to the Cleveland Flats

I rode my mountain bike to the gym this morning. I worked out with the Nautilus machines.. After I got back home Kim and I went out because Morgan was not home.. We sent down to the flats. Boy has it changed since the last time we were down there. We were on the west bank. There is nothing open on the east back because of Upcoming renovations on that side. They are supposed to be putting in 331 units of housing, 255,000 square feet of retail and entertainment, and a 450,000 square foot office building. And it will have many environmentally friendly features, from green buildings to pedestrian friendly public spaces. The west side was almost as in bad shape. The boardwalk is in need of a lot of repairs. There were boards sticking up and others you felt as though you were going to fall through. It was very sad to think this is where I used to party when I was younger and now it is deserted. We had lunch at shooters, the only place that had any amount of people. The picture below is what the east side of the flats are supposed to look like when it is done.

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