Honey We're Killing the Kids - Oh Brother

This is a show that is on TLC, Here is the description.

Christopher and Elaina are used to getting what they want. Junk food, TV and no exercise is a bad combination and mom and dad are seeking change. This house divides as some stick to the rules and others stray off course.

As I was watching this I felt very sorry for the parents. They are not used to being strong and not giving in to their kids tantrums. The boy Christopher was using any excuse not to do what they wanted him to do.. He would not sit at the table because the sister was sitting there. The Mom said what am I supposed to d0 the host stated "You must act like the parent". I think a lot of parents have that problem. Nobody stated that being a parent is easy.. He was used to using his tears get what ever he wants. He had to be getting food from somewhere else because he would not eat at any of the meals. After a while you will eat what is put in front of you because you are so hungry. He would put something in his mouth and then spit it back out immediately.

I think these shows are very valuable to any parent with over weight kids or even with kids that don't eat healthy.  

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