June 23th GOBA Troy to Celina

We had a blast riding with the other tandems and Stoker kids.. These 2 girls were very funny.. After they would pass you they would pull out their bubble wands and shower you with bubbles. It is a kids way of flipping you off saying I am faster then you and you cannot catch me.. I was laughing so hard..  Notice all the tandems.

There was 4 of us to start with then another one joined us.. When we left the lunch stop we had about 30 people with us.. It was so cool.. Shane and Hailey and Morgan and I pulled away from the rest of them. Then Shane and Hailey pulled away from us.. I am glad she didn't have any bubbles..  We got in around 1:00. 37 miles for the day.. We started at 8:00 and took long breaks.. Morgan and I cannot wait till next year.. I am ready to put my vacation time in already..We had  over 240 miles for the week..

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