June 22th GOBA Troy to Versailles

It was cloudy when we left this morning.. After about 3 miles it started to drizzle.. We put on our rain jackets and thought that would be fine. A few minutes later the skies opened up and we were getting soaked. By the time we got to the AM rest stop we were cold  and not happy campers. I was very concerned about Morgan.. I got out the helmet covers and rain socks. We were now a little warmer but not really happy yet. We found there was a 20 mile short cut. All we would have to do is to make a right after Lunch instead of going to the left.. After 3 miles we would be at the 50 mile mark.. It worked like a charm. We got in at 10:30 and was able to get a spot in the gym at the school. So no setting up the tent and tearing it down for the last night..  We were very happy campers now.. We walked around the city and the sun came out.. We went to the GOBA song contest in the eventing. We are supposed to ride with Shane and Haley tomorrow.. Miles for the day was 36.

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