June 20th GOBA Wapakoneta to Troy

It was very cold last night especially compared to the 90+ degrees it was yesterday. It was in the 50's this morning. While we were riding someone was off on the side of the rode with the ambulance there. They were putting on a neck brace on.
We went to the Bicycle Museum at the morning snack stop. I was not going to go in. I was going to tell Morgan that we did not have time.. I had to slow down for a second and think when would I get this chance again.

I am so glad that we went in..

How about this for a Harley Davidson.. You have to love the side car..

I remember a kid in the neighborhood having this Orange Crate I thought it was so cool.. I was so jealous..
This is a 2004 Schwinn with a suicide shifter on the left side.

Morgan loved this bicycle. It had a set of pedals for each one of us.. But how would we get it out the door with out getting caught?

This one even came with toy pistols.

This one came with a real rifle..

This is very similar to the bicycle I want..

Morgan started to bonk a little bit. She didn't want to drink or eat anything. So I pulled out the water bottle and soaked my back first. Then I started to squirt her. It took a couple of times of doing that to respond. She started to eat and drink after that.. I told her that it looked like rain as she was looking for the clouds I soaked her again..  We really pushed it today and was in at 1:30. Milage for the day was 62 miles which is a Metric Century.. We beat most people in today.  It was very cool when we got into Troy they gave a survivor buff and a "Troy Pin".

We set up camp about 20 yards from the luggage trailer. I took the tandem in to get worked on the rear brake was rubbing so that was slowing us down all day. Century Cycles did a great job on the tandem. I took off the extra pair of stoker bars.  Morgan like it with out the extra pair of Bars. We rode our bicyle down town to get some ice cream at the WildBerry.. It was so good..

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