June 17th 2007 Father's Day.. GOBA Celina to Van Wert

It was a very hot last night. Morgan and I had a hard time sleeping. We got up a little be after five this morning. Morgan was a big help in getting everything ready to go from helping with taking down the tent to helping getting everything back in the bags to get on the truck..

Our AM rest stop was in Rockford at about 14 miles.

At the lunch stop we had our picture take behind cut outs of the founders of the town.

We ran into some of the people that know us as the “GOBA Police”. Last year we were taking a short cut and caught up to some ladies doing the same.. I was trying to be funny telling them that they should not be taking shortcuts. They asked why were doing the same. I told them we were GOBA Police  and that I was going to write down their numbers and report them. The route today took us in to Indiana. We only were in there for less then 2 miles. It was very hot today 96 degrees. We were very excited that at the PM rest stop in Ohio City they had a water sprayer that you could ride through on your bicycle to cool off. I stopped for a couple of seconds (track stand) with Morgan under the sprayer soaking her (not in the video below).

 Morgan and I each had a huge freeze pop. The mileage for the day was 49 miles.  We got in at about 12:00
Morgan did a great job of pedaling. It was tough because of the heat and the headwinds. There was a very cool mural

 All day long people were wishing me a happy Father's day. I kept telling them it doesn't get any better then this..

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