June 12th Workout #?? 163rd Day of the year

I got up this morning and I was out the door at about 4:15 on my way to the
gym.. I was on my mountain bike. I rode the 3.5 miles to the gym worked out
with the nautilus machines and I did 10 minutes on the arc trainer
afterwards. I then rode back home, took a shower then biked the 2 miles to
work. I am planning on biking home changing and picking Morgan up on the
tandem.. It will be about 13 miles for the day plus being car free. I am not
planning on being a car free fanatic but I do want to do any little bit I
can to help the fuel payments every time I have to fill up my car.. It has a
full tank of gas.. I will see how long it will last.. I filled up yesterday
evening.. So this is Day 1.

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