May 20th Workout #113-07 141st Day of the year

Morgan and I went for a bicycle ride. Right now I am concerned with the
prospect of going on GOBA with her. I am constantly asking if she is
pedaling. I can tell when she is helping and when her legs are going around
under my power.. We almost wiped out because she was playing around and
leaning to the left while I was trying to make a right turn as we were going
down a hill. I kept turning/leaning to make the right turn on the trail and
the bicycle was going straight.. So I turned more the the bike still went
straight. We were going to be headed in to the trees in another couple of
seconds when I noticed Morgan in my mirror leaning way out to the left. I
told her to sit straight and the bicycle magically began to turn to the
right to make the turn. I was very upset with her telling her that she
cannot do stuff like that with out letting me know. I showed her last year
that she can turn the bicycle from the stoker position even though her
handle bars don't turn. Lean to the left and we go left. Lean to the right
and we go to the right.. So we did 24.75 miles for the day.. It was very
windy. I want to push hard every time we go riding so when we on GOBA we are

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