3 years of a healthy life style

Today is 3 years since I have been trying to be healthy. Read more at my website Http://www.zabarskyFamily.com Sorry but you will need to be running IE to view.
Here is the background of my weight problems.

First of all I want to say that I take full responsibility of me being overweight... It is not Fast Food places.. Not my parents.. Not my wife...It was my laziness and my enjoyment of food...

June 1984 weighed 197 at High School Graduation..
December 1991 Meet Kim for the first time.. Weighed 225...
September 1994 weighed 265 at our Wedding when I married Kim..
September 1996 bought Nordic Track trainer.. Used once.. Money not well spent..
September 1997 Motorcycle accident. Most embarrassing moment was stating I weighted 305 in front of my Mom..
February 1998 Started back at work... 287 pounds..
February 1998 Joined Omni Fitness Center. Lasted 2 weeks of going there.. Membership for a year... Again Money really not well spent..
August 2001 Joined the Strongsville Rec Center.. Went 1 day.. Joined for a year.. Again not money well spent..
January 2002 Weighed 265 pounds...

Now we fast forward to March 1 2004....
03-01-2004. Started trying to lose weight AGAIN....Weighed in this morning at 248 pounds..
03-15-2004 Joined Omni Fitness center again.. Hopefully I will get my money out of this place....

So in the last 3 years I have worked out 843 times, rode my bicycles over 3700 miles. I have been down to 190 pounds and back up to 226. I am on my way back down again. It aggravates me that I will have this battle for the rest of my life. It bothers me that I was down to a good weight and I let myself gain some weight back.

So I will continue on my weight loss battle and for a healthy lifestyle..

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