Five in a Row Five on Friday's

From February 16, 2007
Five in a Row
1. Name one thing you do everyday.
            A. Use a computer
2. Name two things you wish you could learn.
            A. More Programming
3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
            A. Picking up a pizza in the car when it is cold outside. I remember how hot the pizza box would feel on                             your legs on the drive home.
           B. Driving over to the east side of Cleveland. We visit a bakery that we would go to when we would go to my                     Grandmothers.
           C. Playing poker or tripoly..
4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.
            A. Hamburgers
            B. French fries
            C. Ice-cream
            D. Cookies

5. Name five things that make you feel good.
            A. Being with my Wife or Daughter
            B. Working Out
            C. Listening to Great Music on my Ipod
            D. Cheating on my diet (while I am eating it, guilt comes in to play
            E. Being told that I did a good job at work..

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