February 09 Adventure Princess Camping

February 09 Adventure Princess Camping at Y-Noah
I found out that we were going to be upgraded to being in a "lodge" instead
of just a cabin with no plumbing. We were very excited about this.. No
bundling up to go to the restrooms.. This is the second year that we have
had a lodge instead of just a cabin for the winter campout. It wasn't as
nice as the big lodge but we didn't care. There was a problem with the hot
water it smelled like sulfur.. Not a good smell so we just used. BRRRRRR
Cold water to wash our hands.. We used bottled water to brush our teeth..
Morgan and I volunteered (along with 2 other dads and daughters from our
outpost) to help out with the Friday night event. The event was to have the
outpost go and collect the 9 puzzle pieces to see the order for signing up
for events. We were supposed to sit at the council fire (it was not lit!!!)
and when an outpost came there they had to sing a song with their outpost
name in it.. We were there from 7:30 to 9:30.. We dressed warm but we were
very cold when we back to the mess hall.. At midnight was the dad's meeting.
To tell the new dads about "Purple Bertha" the witch that comes in the
middle of the night after the council fire to kiss the girls on the cheek..
That if they do see Purple Bertha not to come swinging.. When the girls
awake they have purple lip marks on their cheeks. We finally went to bed at
about 1:30.

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