Friday Night's Ghost March

What a wonderful time that we had. I got to camp cheerful at 3:00 and unloaded my Blazer. We were doing our skit at the pavilion which was great because it gave us a roof and electricity. Some of the skits were in the woods with no power source. We enclosed the pavilion with tarps and someone brought a propane torpedo heater. It was so nice and warm inside the "House of Spiders", I didn't even need my jacket. We had a white sheet instead of a tarp on part of the front wall . We had a bright work light about 10 feet on the other side of the sheet. The girls would act out the skit and the audience inside would just see the girls' shadows. We decorated the top and some of the side with spider webs, the tarps we spray painted in neon colors and we had black lights that made the neon glow. We had a PVC pipe that had spiders tied to it that was about a foot and a half in front of the girls. We rolled the spiders up to the top. We also had a 3 foot long spider hanging from the ceiling of the pavilion.
This was our skit.
We had the girls (audience) sit on the front of a couple of picnic benches. The dads were in the back.
We has the theme of Halloween in the background.
This is the story being told by the Announcer (a Dad)
Girls on the Ghost march, branch hits a girl on the face (we used a large cardboard girls head for this part (Face Shadow))
Ready for Bed, see’s the spiders (Large spider shadow)
Falls asleep
Dad sees little bump on face dad says nothing (face shadow and bump with arrow)
Go to stables and ride horses (girls with stick horses)
Bump gets bigger (face shadow and bump with arrow, bump getting bigger)
Archery (girls with bows and pretend arrows)
Bump gets bigger (face shadow and bump with arrow, bump getting bigger)
BB guns (girls with guns)
Canoeing (Girls with pretend canoes)
Torch Parade and Council fire (girls walking with torches)
Bump gets really big (face shadow and bump with arrow, bump getting bigger)
Goes to bed, bump splits open and then SPIDERS!!!
At this point they drop the white sheet a big spider comes out from behind the screen and the girls come running in. I pulled a string on the PVC pipe and the spiders came flying down. I released the string holding the big spider and it also came flying down.. Here the girls screaming that were sitting on the bench? I know I did. It was hilarious.. Then they would say. You didn't scare us..
After doing this 7 times for the different outpost we were done. We started to take down the tarps and that is when I found out how cold it really was. I quickly found my jacket and gloves. We tore everything and down packed up to go.. One dad in our outpost  was fixing hamburgers and hotdogs for us and the girls.. We were pulling out of Camp cheerful at midnight. What a long day, but a great day.. We can do the same skit next year (except building upon it) because we did it for the 4th year girls and since this is a 4 year program it was their last campout.. I think we will try to do the 4th year girls again next year. 

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