Workout #227-06

I was up late last night.. Ok it was late for me, it was 11:20 when I got to sleep. So I got up this morning at 4:10 and decided that I was going to go back to bed and not go to the gym for the spin class. Half way back to the bed I turned around and forced myself to get to the gym. It was such a hard class today.. It is the last weekend before Sears tower, so MB was pushing us really hard. I thought that she forgot the work Left.. You turn the tension knob right for harder and left for easier.  In one way I wish I was doing Sears Tower next weekend, and then I think 103 floors.. That blows my mind. I am looking forward to the Ghost March tonight. It is going to be very cold. It is about 35 degrees right now and going down to 25.. We are hoping to be packed up and driving back home by 11:00.. Somebody is bringing hot chocolate and another person is bringing a grill and some food.. We are going to need it being so cold outside.

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