Workout #232-06

I did a spin class this morning. I thought that it was going to be an easy because the instructor (MB) was going to be going to do the Sears tower this weekend. She cancelled 2 weeks ago because she thought that her high school soccer team that she coach's was going to be playing this weekend. But they didn't make it to the championships. Then came my next surprise we are doing Crown Centre tomorrow morning.. More stairs.. I believe we will be doing the Society building downtown instead of the Terminal Tower in February. So it will be 57 flights instead of 42. I am a little sad that I am not doing Sears tower with the 4 people from Omni this weekend. Instead we are having Morgan's Birthday party at a bowling alley. There are 7 girls that are supposed to be going... Yea for Morgan..

I am going to be going to the gym after work today to make up for the nautilus workout I didn't do yesterday..

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