Workout #210-06

I made it to the gym after work today. I got there an hour before the spin class, so I will do  my nautilus routine also. I did 10 minutes on the Arc trainer to warm up. I went to the Gravitron which is a machine that helps you do pull ups. You type in your weight and you type in the level you want to lift. So I typed in 208 and level 11 which was 129 pounds. I went to the first floor and finished with the 12 machines that I use.  I got in to the spin class about 5 minutes early. There were four women in there.. Minutes go by and I am the only guy and 16 women.. Then I see Crystal come in to the class that means that MB would not be our instructor.. Crystal is tough (shich is good) but I don't like her style she has us doing pushups on the bikes. I take a spin class not only to keep in shape but to make me a better cyclist.. I have never seen anyone ridding on the road doing pushups at the same time. But I could not leave... I had the reputation of all men to uphold. I could not let them see me slither out of the room.. So here we go.. Most of the women kept glancing my way to see if I left or not.. I made it the hour and I was soaked. So I had a 2 hour workout.. I will have to check my heart rate monitor and put that information in when I get a chance..

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