Workout #220-06

I had to FORCE myself to go to the gym this morning. Not that I wasn't up or the fact that I was in my car driving towards the gym.. But the whole drive (10 minutes) to the gym, I kept thinking to myself "I should just go to work and try to catch up on stuff". Then I would think "no I really need to go to the gym".. It wasn't till I pulled into the gym that the decision was made. I did 10 minutes on the arc trainer and my nautilus routine. Last night I went and got my haircut. I made a mistake when she was almost done cutting my hair I said "could you take a more off please".. She heard "please take off more so there is only a little left".. So now my hair is about 1/2 inch long.. The good thing is that this is not permanent like a tattoo when you are drunk and think it is a good idea. This in time will pass..

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